Prayer Concerns & Joys

Prayers for our country which on top of the COVID-19 pandemic finds itself, once again, experiencing the effects of institutionalized racism. There have been too many innocent deaths, too many mass shootings, and certainly too many school shootings. May these protests be a wake up call for the leaders of our country that, instead of sowing division, they might work to bring about liberty and justice for all. The issues are complex and the answers even more so, but we cannot afford to do nothing, as we have in the past. May God put it in the hearts and minds of our leaders to strive for what our founders believed this country could be: “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Decatur Prayer List

Barbara Bates

Charles Huntington

Lester Shaw

Keri Andersen

Kathy Mussack’s Mother

Deb Maryott’s Daughter Jill

James Hittle

Warren Barnum

Jane Farber

Steve Stillman

Nina Mussack

Leota Busse

LeAnn Richards

Wayne and Karen Cooper

Margaret Griebel

Decatur Folks in Care Centers

Earlene Christensen

Joan Siemonsma

Art Mussack

Edna Hightree

Darlene Smith

Jacque’s Mother & Brother

Tekamah Prayer List

Haley Deemer

Kenny Fisher

Larry Gregerson

Anna Bohnet

Carl Poteet

Pat Crabb’s Daughter Kim

Linda Dunn

Denny Mach

Linda Ott

Joann Snow

Warren Schultz

Carl & Irene Marhenke

Don & Jean Neary

Tekamah Folks in Care Centers

Gwen Crannell

Sally King

Judy Robertson

Mary Benne

Barb Sklenar

Jerris Palmer

Donna Palmer

Herb Reicken

Rosamond McNabb

Shirley Peters

Joyce Grass

Persons serving in the Armed Forces

Curtis Archer

B.J. Huntington

Dustin Stulke

Steven Cole Phelps

Jeremiah Szynskie

Ean Connor Meyers

Tessa & Nate Darling

Timothy Johnson

Brian York

Eddy Strong

Brandon Wingert

Joel Farrens

Matthew Lawton

Mark Heaney

Cody Sommer

Steve Rodriguez

(Please email us with any updates on those who are on these lists as well as anyone you would like to have added to the list.)